Commissions: OPEN

(please read the entire page) 

Hi everyone! I am accepting commissions at this time.  Please make sure to take a look at the type of work I create.  I like to create mostly portraits and figure paintings with details and lean more towards realism, surrealism, and expressive art. If you're looking for something more abstract and simple with less detail, I wouldn't be the right fit for you. 

I do mostly work from photo references, so if you'd like to provide a photo, that would be awesome!  If you have an idea in mind and not a specific photo, you could also provide me with multiple images so I can put a sketch together.  As long as you can explain to me the vision you want.  


A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot before I do any sketching.  After the said sketch is done, we can go over it to make sure it's what you want and/or to make any changes.

A good piece of artwork takes time and inspiration, it could take up to 2-To 6 months or more to complete.  It varies depending on the style and subject.     

The following are the quoted rates for each size in inches for oils, shipping is not included.  

All oil commissions include a hand-made wooden frame that will be stained to fit the color of the piece.



Once the work is completed, I will give you the final amount due including the shipping cost.  If you live in the Sacramento area, you could pick it up from my studio, or I can deliver it personally.

These are standard sizes, if you have a specific size in mind, let me know and I could give you a quote.

                 11 x 14 $260 
                 12 x 16 $350
                 16 x 20 $450
                 18 x 24 $520

                 24 x 24 $625

                 24 x 30 $680 


Expressive Floral-Themed Digital Watercolor Portraits: (painted digitally)
(please see the "Digital Illustration" section in my portfolio for reference.)

One size only 12x16"

Includes mat to fit a 16x20" frame

Single person portrait: $200

Two people $275

3-5 people (family) $350

I offer floral-themed expressive portraits.  Hopefully, you've taken the time to look at my digital illustrations.  I would like to create what you envision.  You can choose your own flowers, (up to 3 different types of flowers).  If you're not interested in flowers, I can do leaves, shrubbery, plants, house plants, birds, fish, butterflies, bees... any type of insect (just don't make me draw a cockroach please lol).  Basically, anything that has to do with nature.  


Since I work based on photos, I would need an exact photo of the person you want me to recreate.  Whether that photo is your own or professionally taken, I would need said photographer's permission/approval to use the photo you have chosen for me to paint.

If you're looking for something more expressive done in digital watercolor (for example body figures, hands, dancers), be specific about what you'd like.  Provide me with some reference photos of a specific pose or gesture you want.  If you don't have any, then we can definitely talk about your vision and I can group photos together and come up with a reference sketch.


The prices are reflected as the same as above:  

Single figure (person), pair of hands $200

Two figures, more than two hands $275

3-4 figures, 4-6 hands $350

Again, same as above, you can choose any type of flower ( up to 3 different types).

As I said above, with my oil painting commissions, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required before I provide you with a sketch.


If you're interested in commissioning me, email me below I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you so much


I'm truly honored, thank you!

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